Shelter Facilities

IICEP’s Shelter Facilities module is designed to help you pre-plan your sheltering operations by locating, mapping, and profiling them in advance.  Three basic shelter designations are provided for Emergency Shelters, Decon Centers, and Reception Centers.  The “Create New Shelter” utility lets you quickly identify quasi-shelters for Warming Centers, Re-charging Centers, or for other similar shelter types.

  • Map your facilities ahead of time enhances your decision-making when it comes to knowing which location is best located to serve your population in need.
  • Profile your facilities allows you to conduct your own audit against records and shelter capabilities against records maintained by the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and other similar organizations engaged in supporting your jurisdiction.
  • Create Special facilities on-the-fly for special circumstances. Identify a support facility at a Base Camp, Staging Area, or a Distribution or Collection Center designed to support the needs of your community. The functionality is there.