Resource Requests

When a Major Event, an Incident, or some other occurrence arises, the resources you need may be unavailable in your jurisdiction, and you would be required to seek them elsewhere.  The IICEP Resource Request module will communicate your needs quickly and precisely.

  • Quickly communicate your Resource needs to select, or to all jurisdictions within your County. Resource Requests are automatically pushed to stand alone IICEP Dashboards, and confirmed with system generated e-mail notifications.
  • IICEP Users receiving Resource Request notifications are able to quickly respond, and the publishing party is automatically notified. Updates are published and can be updated quickly.
  • If Resource Requests cannot be filled by local jurisdictions within your County, the County OEM can easily notify specific or all or neighboring Counties of their needs. This process enables Resource Requests to be filtered and managed before they are escalated to higher levels of government.
  • Resource Requests published by local jurisdictions appear on IICEP maps with a RED icon, and when they are published by a County, they appear as BLUE icons.