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For the County that that is rural a low population density in each county jurisdiction. IICEP Core is the most affordable solution for the county where all local jurisdictions have populations less than 35,000.

IICEP Core connects all of your local jurisdiction first responders directly to your County IICEP System as “Users”. This configuration assures that information from local street-level responders in every local jurisdiction will get into the hands of County decision makers.

IICEP CorePlus lets the County upgrade functionality for its larger jurisdictions while maintaining the IICEP Core functionality for all others. With CorePlus, the full functionality of IICEP is extended to selected larger jurisdictions where staffing and need for a more robust independent system exists.  All IICEP systems interact, but only to the extent you choose to let them do so.

This configuration provides the larger local jurisdiction decision-makers with all of the tools and capabilities to manage their local operations without reliance on the County for support.

IICEP Enterprise is for the County with a high density population-base in all local jurisdictions. Most typically, these counties will be in a region with a greater need for preparedness and response throughout the larger metropolitan area.

This configuration extends all that IICEP offers to every local jurisdiction and their decision-makers.  Information-communications flow from all sources aggregate to every IICEP system for total situational awareness and a common operating picture countywide.