Major Events

When a major event occurs, or is forecast to occur, the IICEP Major Events module provides all the tools you need.

  • Create an event for a single jurisdiction, multiple jurisdictions, or for your entire County.
    • General Mapping
    • HazMat Mapping with plume modeling tied to wind direction
    • Radiological Mapping with isopleths tied to wind direction
    • Explosive Mapping with modeling for IED’s from 5 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.Select the type of mapping that reflects the type of event, and select from 4 different mapping types.
  • Register your users and generate individual ICS 214 duty logs for them.
  • Manage your SitRep and document event activities, message logs, and upload documents related to the event.
  • Instant access to an event Status Board, and quickly see all ICS-214 duty and message logs.