Incident Management

When Incidents occur, regardless of their type, size, or frequency, the IICEP Incident Management module provides all the tools you need.

  • All Incidents, whether reported by the Public, plotted through 911 AutoCAD, or internally reported, can be managed and published to your IICEP map.
  • Annotation tools are available to highlight the impact of an Incident, guide the Public, and provide your first responders with greater Situational Awareness.
  • All actions taken on an Incident are recorded to logs which may become useful should an OPRA request be made.
  • System generated alert messages  are automatically sent to select users in IICEP. If an Incident requires Public Works intervention the Public Works department is notified.
  • Three Incident types are available for reporting and managing.  They are for: Service Requests; Public Health; and Public Safety Incidents.  Availability of reportable Incidents are customizable based on your needs, and those of your jurisdiction.