IICEP V2.0 Released Modern Day Emergency Management

IICEP closes the Information Sharing GAP – bridging Information Sharing and Communications from Bottom-Up to Top-Down and back. 

IICEP for modern day emergency management brings the market new innovation that is sure to disrupt the traditional legacy systems, and sure to empower today’s emergency managers the opportunity to think differently about their current systems. IICEP’s work-flow logic is highly intuitive and standardized throughout the system.  It’s exceptionally easy to use. Each module reduces guess-work and produces the results you would expect.  No more looking for the correct link, and no more complicated drop-down menu with endless options.  Cost? – well, it is sure to catch your attention.

All In One System

A State-of-the-Art design for
Emergency Management Systems.

Fully Integrated – Modular for
Effective and Efficient Coordination.


Responsive to the Needs and Roles
of your Entire Team.

What's Included