The focus of the IICEP system is from the bottom-up – not from the top-down. When the vast majority of Incidents and Major Events impact local communities, there is a dangerous gap in the information-sharing chain. It’s at the street-level where the best and most accurate information is available, and when the best information doesn’t reach the top-down decision makers, the most informed decisions become difficult to make.  IICEP solve this problem in a way that no other system does.

IICEP was designed to share information with top-down systems – not to replace them.  Web services like XchangeCore will facilitate different web services formats back-and-forth between top-down and bottom-up systems for a two-way exchange of information.

In the world of Publishing, “content” is King.  In the world of Emergency Management, accurate empirical information from the street level up is King.  Only IICEP can collect, aggregate, filter and exchange information from the bottom-up to top-down decision makers when they are called upon for support.

IICEP empowers the system of emergency management in the modern world to think differently.  Better and more accurate information will always lead to better and more informed decisions.

IICEPInteractive Information Communications Exchange Platform – is the next generation in EOC Operational Software, and its responsive to the world we live in today, and it bridges the information sharing gap.