Damage Reports/Search & Rescue

A dual-purpose module – Functional elements of the  Damage Reports/Search & Rescue module support multiple scenarios through a design and workflow that will save time and increase efficiency when need the most.

  • Damage Reports – Preliminary Damage Reports – help you quickly identify and distinguish between Public Property parcels, and Private Party parcels. Standardized loss categories speed the “Windshield Survey” process, and with tax parcels included in your IICEP system, all loss calculations are made automatically.
  • Self-Reporting of preliminary damage to Personal Property by your residents saves time and frees your personnel for other tasks. Initiate a Reverse 911 call; notify the media to seek their support in directing residents to damagereports.org where they can alert you to losses they have incurred.
  • PDA’s are dynamically mapped, loss categories are color-coded, and loss estimates are automatically calculated in your IICEP system.
  • Use the Sector Drawing tools for Search & Rescue missions.
  • IICEP’s Personnel Management system allows you to quickly assign and track personnel in PDA and/or to S&R Sectors.
  • This IICEP Featured Module is a OPTIONAL add-on