Critical Facilities

Extend the time, effort, and expense associated with your Hazard Mitigation Planning to IICEP by including the information you’ve collected to support your response capabilities, situational awareness, and decision-making when a disaster occurs.  When a Major Event, Incident, or some other occurrence arises, IICEP is equipped to map your critical facilities, and generate useful information on each facility when you might need it the most.

  • Accessing facility locations, visualizing them, and having facility information quickly enhances decision making and response activities.
  • The Resiliency of your Community in the aftermath of a major disaster often depends on your planning and response to your critical facilities when they become vulnerable to business interruption and physical loss.
  • Critical Facility Planning can lead to Public-Private Partnerships through utilization of this IICEP module.
  • IICEP is designed to provide your PPP with a seat-at-the-table in your EOC when a major disaster or incident strikes. Sharing information with your PPP stakeholders directly benefits and enhances their COOP initiatives.
  • This IICEP Featured Module is a OPTIONAL add-on.