IICEP is an “All-in-One” emergency management software system with all of the essential tools at the fingertips of its users. The need for multiple systems, separate sets of administration, passwords, and trainings unique to each system is eliminated.

IICEP is a map-centric system providing visual references throughout. Visualization improves comprehension, and helps improve decision-making at all levels of response.

IICEP modules are interactive and provide each user with greater and more timely access to information which enhances their role. This enables them to work more efficiently by referencing data-points and information they want and need from their point-of-view.

IICEP provides a clear Common Operating Picture as a matter of course throughout the life of every disaster or singular incident. This provides top-down decision-makers with better and more accurate information which comes directly to them from the street level.

IICEP significantly improves Situational Awareness at every level all users have instant access to information critical to quick and efficient response and recovery. This is particularly useful to local first responders. For the EMS Team in route to the hospital, knowing of a fallen tree on a road they are driving helps eliminate delays in getting their patient to the care they need.

IICEP is structured to automatically support Public Private Partnerships and provides these important stakeholders with a virtual seat-at-the-table in the Emergency Operations Center through a comprehensive user management utility.

IICEP is structured to automatically share critical event or incident information with the Public. This feature when activated provides residents, businesses, and others with a critical level of information and communications that enhances their personal situational awareness needs.