KEY COST ISSUES we think you will appreciate:

  1. Using IICEP will generate savings in your budget of up to 70% when you compare IICEP’s functional capabilities and costs to those of the top EOC Legacy Software Systems in use today. With IICEP, you can share your information up-stream with your Legacy software if you are tied to it. Our goal has always been to augment the flow of information sharing by closing the information gap, as opposed to replacing the top-down systems you have become accustomed to using.
  2. The IICEP system is streamlined so there is no long laundry list of expensive add-ons. Your EOC operational software needs, capabilities, and functionality should not be determined by what you have in your budget.
  3. The IICEP system is “All-in-One” so there is no longer the need to maintain single feature software with functionality and features we automatically include. In some cases, 3rd-party solutions that are included in IICEP, cost as much as IICEP. That’s additional savings and budget friendly.
  4. With IICEP, there are no long-term contracts or long-term commitments. The likelihood of future budget cuts are simply too great and your EOC software should never become a burden. With IICEP, the pressure lessens when other budget line item costs increase, or you need money for a new line item that will keep your operation current and efficient.
  5. With IICEP, you can extend its features and functionality to your local jurisdictions and local first responders at no additional cost. Major events and incidents always impact the local community at the street level, and this is where the best and most reliable information comes from. Without the tools and functionality in the hands of local responders at the local level, obtaining the critical information you need for informed decisions is difficult and risky.