About Us

Ready Solutions is a privately held New Jersey company founded in September 2011. The business is led by its founding principals, and its mission is dedicated to providing intuitive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective IT solutions tailored to the needs of Public Safety, Emergency Management, and Government Officials.  We are sharply focused on solutions that help build and maintain prepared, safe, secure and resilient communities. As you work with the Ready Solutions team, we want you to know the real “About Us” ….. the story, process, and business methodology behind what brings us to you now.

The vision for IICEP in Ready Solutions began on October 29, 2012 just after Hurricane Sandy made its unexpected turn to the northwest on its path to New Jersey, and we observed first-hand the real world challenges that local and county emergency managers experienced.

On December 7, 2012 the Ready Solutions Public Safety Working Group held its first meeting. With the cooperation of the Burlington County, NJ Division of Emergency Management, and OEM representatives from multiple New Jersey municipalities, new concepts were put to discussion.  The process of developing a two-way interactive information communications exchange platform began.  A bottom-up approach, starting from eyes at the street level, with information flowing up, was the identified objective in developing a software system for emergency management.

On February 5, 2013 the first “Alpha” Incident Management module was released. From testing of our first module through Beta testing in April 2013, to the release of IICEP V.10 in April 2014, we knew we were on the right conceptual track. Developing “modules” in short development cycles provided our users with engaging reasons stay involved in contributing to the development of a world-class emergency management system.

Modular components versus developing a Legacy System gave us a competitive edge. We never viewed modular and constant iterative development as the means to new revenue streams, rather as an effective and efficient methodology that allowed us to avoid the costly challenges legacy system providers struggle with to remain relevant.

And “YES”, from the start we envisioned the opportunity to close the information sharing gap. Following our first and perhaps most critical test on May 17, 2016, when IICEP was used to support the federally mandated exercise at the Salem-Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station, the first FEMA question asked was “can IICEP share with other state systems?” The answer was a simple “YES”.

The information sharing gap – Bridging from Bottom-Up to Top-Down and back, has closed. Our investments in Public Safety for Emergency Management Professionals are informed and proven. The Ready Solution team continues its mission to envision, build, deploy and innovative. IICEP is just the beginning.